Anita M. Burke, BS, Catalyst Institute

Anita is an internationally recognized expert in putting sustainability into action for businesses, having worked to help organizations in energy and mining design, develop, and implement sustainable practices for over 25 years. She is Founder and President of the Catalyst Institute, which serves clients to create and develop sustainability plans, reduce carbon footprint, engage with stakeholders, and reduce cost and risk. Anita has led multiple sustainability efforts for Rio Tinto Alcan, including serving on the global sustainability advisory team, developing sustainability tactics for the company's individual sites and global operations, creating an operations manual for stakeholder engagement, and creating development strategies for securing license to operate in sensitive areas. Together with the Rocky Mountain Institute, she designed and implemented a sustainable development program for Anglo American's South African enterprises. Anita is a board advisor on sustainability to Anglo American, Rio Tinto Alcan, Shell International, and BC Hydro. She spent 17 years working at Royal Dutch Shell and its subsidiaries, where she advised the CEO and senior leadership on designing and implementing programs on climate change, sustainability public policy, stakeholder engagement, corporate social responsibility, key performance indicators, and carbon valuation. She holds BS degrees in physics and environmental science from Macalester College and Northland College. Anita lectures widely as a keynote speaker and as Lecturer at University of California, Santa Barbara, and Beijing University, where she advised the Chinese Olympic design team on sustainability issues.