Clyde L. Smith, PhD, PEng

Clyde is a veteran exploration geologist with a career that spans over 40 years. He has four ore deposit discoveries to his credit. In 1974 he founded the Ogilvie Joint Venture, funded by Rio Tinto, Mitsubishi Metals, and Ventures West Capital, and discovered the Jason lead-zinc-silver deposit in Yukon Territory, Canada. Jason was the first discovery of a major stratiform lead-zinc-silver deposit made by a geologist using geological methods. Jason contains more than 2 billion pounds lead, 1.8 billion pounds zinc, 33 million ounces silver, and exhibits potential for a larger resource. Jason was sold to HudBay Minerals.

As co-founder of Ventures West Minerals and VP of Exploration for Westley Mines Ltd., Clyde discovered the Santa Fe gold deposit, the first discovery of a significant sediment-hosted Carlin-type gold deposit in western Nevada. The deposit contained more than 400,000 ounces gold, and was sold to Corona Corporation, which began production in 1988 at 65,000 ounces gold per year.

In 1984 Clyde co-founded Radcliffe Resources and discovered the North Lake gold deposit in north-central Saskatchewan, which contains more than 180,000 ounces gold and exhibits potential for a significantly larger resource.

In 1993 he co-founded La Esperanza Gold Explorations, entered into a joint venture funded by Mount Isa Mines, and discovered the Solidaridad gold-silver-copper deposit in Michoacan, Mexico. Solidaridad has the potential to be one of the principal new ore deposits in Mexico, with an estimated 750,000 ounces gold, 2.3 million ounces silver, and 44 million pounds copper. The project is now is development by U.S. Precious Metals. During 2010, Clyde was Director and Senior Technical Vice-President of Standard Gold, where he led the company's exploration and project acquisition efforts.

Clyde's skills include exceptional abilities to identify geologic environments with potential for ore deposits and to solve complex geologic problems; a uniquely deep understanding of all types of ore deposits; and a comprehensive view of the resource industry. He has successfully moved projects through all stages of exploration, development, feasibility, and to production.

Clyde holds a BA from Carleton College, 1959; a MSc from the University of British Columbia, 1962; and a PhD from the University of Idaho, 1966. He served for several years as an Industrial Associate of Stanford University's School of Earth Sciences, and is listed in Who's Who in British Columbia (1981) and Who's Who in the Commonwealth (1984). He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the Province of British Columbia.